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Why You Should NEVER Pay more then
4 ½% to Sell your Home.

If you knew you could get unparalleled representation and only pay 4 ½%! Why would you ever pay 6% to list your home? 

We believe in saving our sellers thousands of dollars but still providing top notch professional service. At Samson Properties, we do everything we can think of to sell your home. Our #1 goal is to get you the most money and in the quickest amount of time possible.

We believe that the most important tool in today’s market is the internet marketing of your home. We pledge to be the very best internet marketer in the Real Estate market. We stay on top the cutting edge of technology with the monthly technology meetings that we run at our office. All listings that are in the MLS, appear on all the major real estate websites but Samson listings stand out from the crowd.

Getting your listing “enhanced” or “showcased” is vital in getting your house sold. Samson Listing agents “Enhance” and “Showcase” your home on Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com, WashingtonPost.com, Listingbook.com, Craig’s List.com, and all the other top websites. Enhancing or Showcasing your listing allows us to add up to 30 pictures of your home on the listing. It allows us to jump to the top of peoples searches, it adds headline banners, and it allows us to add all of our own remarks and great descriptions of your home. It makes your listing jump off the page to the homebuyer. In today’s real estate market, ALL buyers are searching the internet day and night for their next home. You HAVE to have an agent that is spending the money on internet marketing and making sure your house is showcased on all the major websites. I guarantee that your home will have the best internet presence it can have.

We also do a top notch job in gaining valuable feedback on your home from showings. We call all agents that show your home and we also follow up with a state of the art system called “Showing Suite”. Showing Suite is an interactive Home Feedback System that surveys all agents that show your home. It gives the seller and the listing agent great feedback on the condition and the price of your home. This information has been instrumental in getting many of our listings sold.

We also give the best market updates around using Listingbook.com and the MLS to keep our sellers updated every day within their surrounding market. If a new listing pops up down the street, you would want to know what it’s listed for and the details about it. If a neighbor drops their price or adds an incentive then you would also want to know about it. We will keep you up to date on everything going on around you so you can be an informed, intelligent seller.

We ensure that gorgeous, professional quality photos are taken of your home. The way your home looks online is the key to getting people to come look at your home in person. By taking beautiful pictures and showcasing your listing with up to 30 pictures, we are going to make your house shine and make everyone want to come take a look at it. With these pictures, stunning brochures are made for all Samson listings. A homebuyer may see 8 or 10 places on a day of house hunting, having a professional and attractive brochure for them to refer back to when they get home is important in the overall perception and value of your home.

We ALWAYS give out 3% to the buyer’s agents showing your home. Out of the 4.5% listing commission, The Jamil Brothers give 3% out and keep 1.5% for our work. This is important because it ensures that all agents will show your property and be happy to bring their buyer by and try to make a deal. In today’s market, some listing agents have cut the buyer’s agent commission down to 2.5% or 2%. This can make buyer’s agents less likely to show your home or less likely to promote it to their buyers. The buyer’s agent doesn’t know and doesn’t care how much you are paying your listing agent. All they are concerned about is that they are offered 3%, if they bring the buyer. By paying out 3%, Samson listings always get shown and sold by all agents in the field.

We feel that we are the best in the business and do the most to sell your home. If you could get all this for 4.5%, why would you ever consider paying more? Call us today and set up an interview, you won’t be disappointed!


Saad and Arslan Jamil

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