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What Realtors should do for buyers

5 Things Your Real Estate Agent Should Do For You

April 5, 2016

It is actually true that anyone can make an offer on a house, get a peek, and even close the deal without a real estate agent but unless you’ve considerable experience in home buying, home buying may cost you more than you bargained for and you may not even get the house that fits with your needs. Here’s where real estate buyer’s agency comes in.

Say you need a swimming pool. Or don’t need swimming pool. Or perhaps maybe you want a new fenced-in yard for the dog or a basement playroom for the kids. In case you’re looking for anything specific, a real estate agent is the person whose job it is to know if there is a house out presently there to fit your needs, and he or she or she could hold your hand through the deal to closing.

There are other reasons for hiring a real estate agent when buying a house. However, it is imperative you a hire a proactive real estate agent who would do the following for you:

1. Be familiar with the process and the neighborhood

You should be able to rely on your agent to guide you through the home buying process. The agent should talk to you about what you want and what suits your needs. He should draw up a list of houses that you may be interested. Your agent should inform you concerning the neighborhoods you are considering buying in. However, you have to continue exploring on your own. If the agent sees or knows of a house that has just gone on sale or will be on sale, they should let you know. The homeowners might be looking for a quick sale and that’s beneficial to you.

2. Advise you on financing options

At the first meeting, agents usually help you to determine the feasibility of your needs, pertaining to both the neighborhood and property. The agent will help you learn how much you can afford, help you to find appropriate financing, clue you in on the current market conditions and tell you what to expect when you shop for a home. Your agent will also have a shopping strategy or plan based on your needs, how much you can afford and also the current market conditions.

3. Help with home inspection

The agent is responsible for obtaining disclosures, ascertaining home inspections and rehabilitates are consummated and coordinating the activities of your lender, attorney, roof inspector and other professionals engaged in your purchase. If bargaining over the price is compulsory, your agent will be your negotiator, and when it’s time to sign the final closing documents, he or she will accompany you to ascertain all the “I’s” are dotted and the “T’s” crossed.

4. Faster house search

Since agents have quick access to listings, your agent can help you narrow down the potential homes that you could be interested in. Once you have educated your agent on everything that is important regarding your house search, then your real estate agent can cross out and narrow down the list to give you a list of properties you will be interested in. This house should also be within your spending budget or it can be slightly higher, but the most significant thing is that you will not waste time browsing through the array of properties in the area.

5. Network

Your agent will help you in search for home inspectors, and other persons that you’ll need to ensure that the purchasing process goes smoothly. Since your agent has a network of these professionals, coordinating with them and arranging schedules with them will be easy.

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